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Abhinavgram society aims to bring light to the lives of tribal community in Kolli Hills through the path of education. We are looking forward to continuing the intervention without interruptions and also expanding the centers to more areas which remain undeserved!



The Abhinavgram Society was registered on 22nd June 2015 under the Tamil Nadu Society’s Registration Act 1975. It was initiated by a group of friends of Gandhigram Rural University, Madras School of Social Work, Holy Cross College, American college, Bharathidasan and Bharathiar Universities. It was established for improving the wellbeing of remote tribe people in India. The villages that are remote, having no access to any developmental schemes and lacking basic amenities and infrastructure are chosen to be the target of developmental activities. Our vision is "Creating self sufficient model villages by sustaining the tribal owned local livelihoods".  It was focused on quality and reliable education, Sustainable agriculture and livelihoods, Total Health and Sanitation, Infrastructure and information technology with integrated approach and holistic development.

 Abhinavgram is running 10 tuition centers in the remote villages for enhancing and improving the status of education among unreached young students, recently we closed 5 tuition centres due to financial crisis both funding organization and Abhinavgram Society.

 Abhinavgram society aims to bring light to the lives of tribal community in Kolli Hills through the path of education. Kolli Hills is an economically and socially backward area in Namakkal district, where the main livelihood is agriculture. Almost all the children (those under the age of 18) are first generation learners. There are a few Govt. schools spread across the villages. However, due to poor transportation facilities, lack of monitoring and motivation, the schools remained rare functioning systems. The children and their families also left school as their least priority, giving way to an increase in school dropping out, child labour, child abuses, early addiction to alcohol and drugs. At this point, Abhinavgram takes the situation over with the idea of continuing education through edu-support centres. There are 10 after school support centres run across villages 2-3 hours every day with the help of local educated youth. A total of 350 children are guided and supported to complete their daily lessons and excel in their academics. These centres are co-ordinated by a Project Co-ordinator and all the centres function in collaboration with the Government schools in its respective villages. Through this, the teachers are also motivated to come to school regularly and improve the system of education in Kolli Hills. Abhinavgram supports the salary of tutors and Co-ordinator through donations from individuals and well-wisher groups. We are looking forward to continuing the intervention without interruptions and also expanding the centres to more areas which remain underserved!

We would like to extend our tuition centres at Kolli Hills, 14 rural panchayats and 305 villages, 16 revenue villages in kolli hills. The major issues would be Health, Education and infrastructure. These people walk around 20 – 27 km to reach the main places of kolli hills for schools, hospitals, banks and day-to-day facilities; most villages having no proper road and bus facility.

Kolli Hills is holding so many remote villages and it is under non-access reserve zones. The primary and middle schools are available in the remote zones and having no access to bus, road and other transport facilities. Teachers should walk in the deepest forest around 7 to 10 kms to reach the school; it is also not safe to walk in the forest zones, due to the reason the rural schools not functioning properly. The government has to facilitate their services and ensure that the school teachers regular presence.

The first generation of students coming to schools regularly and getting disappointment because of the above mentioned reasons and schools closed frequently; This being in existence for the past few years, students lost interest to go to schools, no leaders to guide them to study further as well. This creates way to social issues including early marriages, chld labour, child abuses and so. 

Abhinavgram society believes that the tution centres  would create a platform for learning providing motivation for the oung generation to continue their education and expand their horizons. It would also motivate the Government school teachers to bring the schools back to regular functioning and encourage more students to come to schools. Small educational support centres in the villages can make bigger changes in the lives of the tribal children, their families and their tomorrows...


Budget for Running 10 tuition centers on monthly at Kolli Hills

SL. No

Head of Finance






Tuition Tutors (10)


10 centers

Project Coordinator


One personnel for regular monitoring


Field work

Monitoring the centers


Periodical Monitoring

Tutors evaluation (50*10)


once in a month with proper documents



Tutors (Rs. 50*10 tutors)


Mobile bill

Project Coordinator


Mobile bill



Postal Charges


General Expenses monthly

Internet charges


General Expenses monthly

Refreshment - Evaluation


General Expenses monthly



files, printing, Xerox, scanning etc.


Grand Total



Total Rs.21950*12 months = Rs.263400/-

Financial situation of my family is not well.Also I suffered a lot to pay my semester fees to write my examination.I am the academic topper of our college pursuing Final year Mechanical at Einstein College of Engg,Tirunelveli.I need to pay 25000 to get all my certificates.Please help me to finish the degree.

Support Prathap and his family to afford education Education

Support Prathap and his family to afford education

 I am Prathap.G pursuing final year mechanical engineering at Einstein College of Engineering,Tirunelveli.

Our family background is not very well, starting from the schoolings also we suffered a lot to pay my exam fees .There were days,I am not allowed to write the annual examinations too. At that time, felt sad because even though I got First rank, I was not allowed to write the Examinations, that made me cry. because the money only speaks a lot than knowledge ,Isn't it?.

I cant get any financial support from my father,beacuse of family quarrels with my mother from my age of 5


From that day, my mother used to nurtured me and my sister singly. I am proud of my mother. Because being a single,she nurtured us.I made my mother proud by my studied too. I got he Academic Topper award and the Laptop winner during the academic year  2013-2017.Brothers&my sister I am not yet finished my degree because I got due amount of 25000 to get all my certificate originals.I hope you all help me.

₹13999/ ₹150000

Vishal from Nilgiris is selected to play in Gothia Cup to be held in Sweden (July 16th -22nd 2017).Gothia Cup is world’s largest and most international youth football tournaments , undoubtedly the breeding place for many stars .

Fund for Vishal-To participate in Football Gothia Cup in Sweden Sports

Fund for Vishal-To participate in Football Gothia Cup in Sweden

Vishal hails from a suburban village in Nilgiris district ( Meekeri ) and stepping in to 10th standard this year. Vishal is passionate about football during his childhood years and this 15year old kid participated in various tournaments.

His parents (Mr.Venkatesh and Mrs.Radhiga Venkatesh) are farmers by profession and strive hard to make their ends meet. By realizing the potential Vishal has its time that Venkatesh trying hard to make his son a future football star.

Previous records and achievements of Vishal :

· Participation in CHENNAIYIN FC on 21st March 2015.

· Secured 2nd in 5th Junior Foot volley Championship 2016-23-Jul-2016

· Secured 3rd place District Level Competitions conducted by Sports Development Authority of Tamilnadu

· Awarded Merit Certificate in The Nilgiris FootBall U-14 festival conducted in 2014.

· Secured Tribles Runner in Nilgiris District Football Tennis championship 2014.


Travel and Visa Expenses (to and fro ) : 50000

Accommodation and Other expenses (Food , sports kits and all ) : 100000

(Stay in Sweden from 10th Jul to 22nd Jul 2017)

₹2050/ ₹34000

Jamuna Rani pursuing 3rd year CS Engineering at Sri Krishna college of engineering. Support for her education

Education support for Jamuna Rani Education

Education support for Jamuna Rani

This is Jamuna Rani pursuing 3rd year Computer Science at Sri krishna College of Engineering at Coimbatore. From 1st year of college she and her family is struggling hard to afford for her education

As she is good at academics from schooling her family and relatives are struggling so hard to support her education. Now she has to pay her sixth semester fee within April 10th

Kindly support for her education

₹1000/ ₹26000

I am Manibharathi Deaf and Dumb. Please support me to continue my studies without hindrance.

Support Manibharathi-Mute and Hearing Impaired Education

Support Manibharathi-Mute and Hearing Impaired

I am G. MANIBHARATHI, pursuing M.Com. I Year in St. Louis College for the Deaf.  My father is a Farmer. We live in a small village in Salem.  Since there is no rain and water scarcity problem we are unable to continue farming.  It is very difficult for my parents to support my education.   I would like to become an Audit Assistant in a reputed firm and I am interested to get placed in banks.  But my famiy situation forces me to discontinue my studies.  Moreover I am staying in a rented house on sharing basis in Chennai to pursue my education. So I humbly request you to support me to pay my college fees.

₹7500/ ₹53000

I am Tamilazhagan doing my 1st year MSW at Madras Christian College. Kindly Fund for me to pay my college semester and hostel fee.

Fund for Tamilazhagan Education

Fund for Tamilazhagan

Hi All,

           I am Tamilazhagan.P doing my Master of Social Work degree at Madras Christian College. During my childwood i lost my leg in an accident. I am a National para swimmer and I have won many medals and ceritificates in state and national level. For the past 4 years I continuously represent Tamil Nadu in para swimming. I have got 4 years overall individual championship trophy under the categroy s-9.

Also I like to dance and inspire peoples according to the famous quotes "I want to people to  come to me  and say because of you  I didn't give it up".so I dance for inspire the peoples and motivate the hopeless.

My native is Trichy, near Mannachanallur one small village called Edumalai. My father is a farmer and he was doing the agriculture work in his land and now he doesn't have any work because of lack of water source and climate change. My mother going for daily wage work to manage our family.

Now for my education I need to pay the college fees and hostel fees for the upcoming academic year. Due to my family situation I am not able to manage the fees and others expensive of mine. I am in need of help from you all for completing my education  and serve to my family and people around me.

₹31934/ ₹83500

Lets us together make Abbas Sugil no 1 in Uganda badminton Para International 2017 going to be held at Kampala, Uganda on April 25-30, 2017

Fund Abbas Sugil to attend Uganda badminton Para International 2017 Sports

Fund Abbas Sugil to attend Uganda badminton Para International 2017


Abbas Sugil a 25 year old silent, unnoticed physically challenged badminton player from Coimbatore.  He has been trained at Lifespring Badminton Academy, Coimbatore. 


  • At 2015 and 2016, he is the winner of National Level and All India Level tournament for Para Badminton 

  • He has won bronze medal on doubles match at Para Badminton Championship held on August 2016 at Indonesia

  • Last event - Spanish Para - Badminton International 2017 he qualified till quaters unfortunately he could'nt make it
  • At present Abbas Sugil ranks No.2 in Indian Para badminton

About the Event

Abbas Sugil has now been qualified for Uganda badminton Para International 2017 going tp be held on April 25-30, 2017 at MTN Arena, Lugogo Sports Center, Kampala, Uganda.

Cost Breakdown:

Flight - Rs.45,000

Accomodation - Rs.30,000

Entry Fee - Rs.3,500

Others -  Rs.5,000


Let us all get together and fund for Abbas and make his drean

₹22292/ ₹36730

V.Josephine has completed VI Std in Don Bosco Matriculation Sec School and now for VII Std she is in need of fund to pay fee

Fund for Josephine Education

Fund for Josephine

Josephine is HIV affected Kid and she is taken care by SIP Memorial Home, Chennai.SIP Memorial Home is a registered charitable trust, which was established in the year 2006 to provide comprehensive care for HIV infected and affected Orphan Children by employing Caretakers. SIP Memorial Trust is a children home started by a HIV infected Transgender women in the year 2006.

She is going to pursue 7th std at Don Bosco School, Peravallur, Chennai. She is a positive kid also good at education. She is also the President of South India Positive Network (SIP+) an organization working for the people living with HIV/AIDS and Transgender Community.

On behalf of SIP Memorial Trust we kindly request all to provide funds for the kids education

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