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He believes that, education is the only way to get the lost vision back

A great philosopher said when someone has passion on something then nothing matter than that to achieve the goal. Likewise Chinnakarupusamy, who suffered with stroke that wiped out his primary visual context. He is visually challenged outside, but have confident on himself to become a Teacher.

He is a one of the highly spirited students, who has finished B.A. English Literature and recently joined B. Ed Degree. He is staying at “Thuimai Vizhigal” trust, which is specially  for differently able persons.

Chinnakarupusamy hails from a poor economical background. He gets good regards in education, but the only problem is his background which is too weak to pay his first year fees. It almost cost Rs. 55,000 per year. He has no idea of how to manage his college fees, in that time one of his well wisher advised to take him to “Edudharma”, which inspired by and pervaded with of service. He met some people who really wanted him to continue his education. His fund had been increased through this.

In spite of his handicap Chinnakarupusamy, still has a burning desire to complete his education and his mind is still as sharp as ever. “To be blind is not miserable: not to be able to bear blindness that is miserable”, he believes that, education is the only way to get the lost vision back. He was struggling each second to get education to achieve his dream to become a teacher.

Through this, it will make sure his dreams never remain just a dream and his passion to become a Teacher will be his future. Now he can see himself as a successful person in the society who moving very close to his dream and passion. The fund he received is not just a money but his hope that gain from each loving and kindhearted soul who have faith on him and believe he will achieve what he aimed most.

Here is the link to Chinnakarupusamy’s Crowdfunding Campaign


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