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Not just life, death deserves some dignity too. With the same core aspect, we have started 'Uravugal Trust' towards the burial of unknown and homeless corpses. with their friends last year. Our team comprises of youngsters from age 18 - 25 who have come forward understanding the depth of this cause and the need to stand by such families during the time of death. Almost 80% of our volunteers are college students across Chennai.

WHAT do WE do?

We do the final rites of the mortal remains of homeless and unknown corpses. Unfortunately, these people have been ignored by their children and society during their lifetime and they end up on the streets where they beg and do whatever they could to have a few square meals a day. Right from the inception of this organization we have buried close to 250+ dead bodies of homeless and sick people, old people dying on the roads, people dying due to natural calamities, small kids who passed away while treatment. We don't ask a rupee from the grieving family to perform the last rites. We undertake everything. 

Apart from this, we have also rescued and rehabilitated 30+ old aged homeless people and relocated them to old age homes.We had Broken the Wrong in the thought of Women Enter into the burial ground. our girl volunteers are always used to helps us for the burial & get involved in Rescues. 

A lot of people from other towns and cities come over to Chennai for the medical treatment of the ones close to them. Unfortunately, many of them pass away during the course of treatment. As the nature of people who come to the city are mostly from the low economic background and the Govt does not provide any means to take back the mortal remains of those who passed away back to the hometown, that's where we step in to help. By providing our ambulance to safely take them back to their hometown.

The ambulance will also be used towards our efforts to rescue homeless people as we take them to some old age home. Usually, during this process, there exists a hesitation in autos and cabs when they don't seem alright to transport such people and it has been a huge hindrance for us right from the beginning. Now with the ambulance in handy, it is easier for us to relocate more homeless people to a safe haven.Therefore, our ambulance would be extensively used for both these noble aspects.

 What's the need for a 2nd Ambulance?

  This ambulance will be used only for cancer patients. There are so many who come to Chennai for treatment and do not have money to travel back home. We will be helping them by providing free ambulance service or by charging only the diesel expenses depending upon their background. We are planning to buy Force traveler ambulance worth ₹16,59,927 ( including 3 lakhs for the emergency kit). We have also attached the quotation for the ambulance below. If you are willing to donate, you can transfer the amount to their account directly. Please do help us to serve cancer affected patients.

We all have the zeal to work dedicatedly towards this cause and are always willing to work towards this cause. But more than our efforts, there is a small vacuum in the space of funds for us as most of us comprise of yet to earn college students. Also, monthly maintenance expense of around 55,000 (fuel, oxygen, electricity, fittings, Office rent, Burial expenses,etc.) for the ambulance.

We are brimming with positivity towards this cause and once this small fund vacuum is closed, we would work even harder to help change the lives of as many people as possible. Recently We Helped the 100+ Homeless People who used to sleep near the beach, bus stops and in front of the temple, we gave them a Proper Mufflers/Bed sheet/Blankets to save from Cold during winders seasons.

We had Taking care of Burial Ground's Helper's Children and their Education Needs.Our Only Dream Is " To Create a Nation without in the Name of Homeless or Unknown Person"













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