Help 5 Year Old Nivetha Undergo Bone Marrow Transplant


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Help 5 Year Old Nivetha Undergo Bone Marrow Transplant

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Nivetha, 5 year old kid from Chennai is admitted in Kanchi Kamachi Child Trust Hospital ICU, fighting to stay alive after being diagnosed by severe pneumonia. 

Nivetha was born with a condition where her blood does not have enough WBC, so due to her low immune system she will easily get infected and her wounds take a long time to heal. Couple of weeks back on Friday night Nivetha cried to her mom saying "Amma, I am not able to breath". Her parents Madhusuthanan and Nithya rushed her to the hospital.

She was very young when she got frequently infected with cold and fever only. When we consulted with doctors, they told us her White Blood Cell count was very low. Few months back she had pneumonia once and she suffered a lot to get out of it. I remember how much my baby suffered and couldn't  look at her suffering. Says, Nivetha's parents Madhusuthanan and Nithya.

Right now, Nivetha is on ventilator support in the ICU as she cannot breathe on her own. There are tubes running through every inch of her body. Her eyes are kept shut, to prevent her from staring unconsciously at the lights which might damage her eyes. Bone marrow transplant surgery has to be done to save her. 

Nivetha father, Madhusuthanan is a cook in a catering company and does not have any savings, and so cannot afford the medical expenses. Total estimated fund for bone marrow transplant is Rs. 25 Lakhs. He needs money to save his daughter

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