COVID Striken R.subramaniyam Sir Family


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COVID Striken R.subramaniyam Sir Family

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Subramaniyam Rajagopalan(a.k.a Subbu Appa) has lost his mother Mrs.Kamakshi who is 83yrs old to COVID19. Mrs.Kamakshi on Aug 11th was admitted to Chettinad Super Speciality Hospital since her oxygen level went to 80(95). No ICU Corona bed was available at Govt Hospital and the family needed to take immediate action to keep her breathing. His mother was later transferred to Govt Hospital and on Aug 19th lost her due to cardiac arrest. He himself was stricken by COVID19 and currently is in the recovery phase and shaken by his mother's loss.

Subbu Appa is a senior social activist who has helped many struggling families with financial support, supported deserving students with education funds, and guided NGOs like D4V towards social impacts. Currently, he has none left in his savings and struggling to meet daily needs. Let's join hands to provide financial support to help pay his mother hospitalization cost.

Total Hospital Bill: Rs.2,77,337 

Ambulance to shift to Govt Hospital: Rs. 18,500

Medicines: Rs. 12,568

Other Expense; Rs.4,500

Total: 3,12,905

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Direction for Volunteers(D4V) is a registered (Reg.No: 285/2016) social welfare organization, spreading volunteerism across Tamil Nadu. The mission is to facilitate through various means the development of a dynamic volunteer community to support and assist the public in need. Vision is to be the primary platform that enables volunteers to bond with the public for a social cause leading to a better world, a world of economic and social justice.

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