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COVID19 Relief & Response

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As COVID-19 spreads, it poses a grave danger, especially in villages, small towns, and tribal areas that rely solely on daily wages and insufficient healthcare systems. Vulnerable people are hit the hardest by the outbreak; it is driving families deeper into hunger and poverty.

Directions for Volunteers(D4V) is starting Phase - II of relief and response effort in some hard-to-reach areas in TamilNadu providing basic needs for survival - we must step up and respond to this pandemic. With your help and with the help of D4V Volunteers, we will be able to provide food, groceries and basic amenities to save more lives. Will you join us to support the following needs and give a helping hand?

Beneficiaries & Relief Needs:

  • 5 Physically challenged Families, Vandal , Vedharanyam: ₹4000
  • 130 Fishermen Families, Ennore, Chennai: ₹91000
  • 10 Physically challenged and elderly Families, Gudiyatham, Vellore: ₹7000
  • 40 Jackal (Narikuravar) Families, Peranampet, Vellore: ₹22000
  • 40 Daily wagers Familes (Hunters/Tribal) , Theni: ₹25000
  • 40 Tribal people (Street Dancers- Nomads) , Gopichettipalayam, Erode : ₹25000
  • 88 Sri Lankan Refugee camp Families, Dharmapuri:  ₹50000
  • 50 Sri Lankan Refugee camp Families, Puliyampatty, Pazhani:  ₹35000
  • 40 Visually Challenged daily wagers Families, Thirunidravur, Chennai: ₹28000
  • 31 Handloom textile weaver Families, Neelikaradu, Erode: ₹16000
  • 10 physically challenged, widow, aged families, Keelvelur, Nagapattinam: ₹7000
  • 40 Daily wagers Families with 50% disabled /widow, Kamuthi, Ramanathapuram ₹25000
  • Food to destitute people and  Masks to corporation workers/police officials ₹10000

For More details :

+91-7448888061 or +91-9109598936

Direction for Volunteers(D4V) is a registered (Reg.No : 285/2016) social welfare organization, spreading volunteerism across Tamil Nadu. Mission is to facilitate through various means the development of a dynamic volunteer community to support and assist the public in need. Vision is to be the primary platform that enables volunteers to bond with the public for a social cause leading to a better world, a world of economic and social justice.

Bank Name: RBL Bank
Account number: 2223330055919578
Account name: Direction For Volunteers D4V
UPI : rzpy.edudharma00000004412@hdfcbank

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