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We all have fond memories of annual days, dance, music and art competitions, participating in cultural events organized by schools, inter school matches, exhibitions, the list goes on. Participating in these cultural events gave us an opportunity to learn, make new friends and find our interests, apart from being absolute fun. The students we work with though, are from low income government and private schools, who do not even know such opportunities exist, leave alone getting that exposure. And we, at Teach for India believe in the need for such a platform for kids to explore, learn and have lots of fun.

Chennai Students Kondattam (CSK) is a fellow-led annual event that gives the space for all the kids we work with at TFI Chennai to showcase their talents in intellectual, artistic, creative and literary battles and have fun while at it.

To provide over 4000+ kids across 33 schools with such an opportunity, we require your help. You can support CSK by contributing in kind or monetarily, or get involved as a volunteer, so that our wonderful children get the opportunities and exposure they deserve.

This year's target is 18,93,000 and the per child expense is approx. 650 Rupees each.

Also, if you wish to support CSK in kind, here are the resources you can contribute:
* Food (lunch, water, and snacks)
* Stationery items
* Transport (bus)
* Kits (ID cards, schedules, goodies)

Please support us in creating a space where ALL children can benefit from an excellent, all-round Education!

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