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Chennai Students Kondattam 5.0

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Chennai Students Kondattam is an initiative and an attempt to give wings to the dreams of the children of Chennai Teach For India classrooms, with the hope, that it may help them find roots. Remember that turning point in your life? The event that spiked your interest in theater. That one match which took your football skills to the next level. That prize you won which gave you the confidence to write more.

Chennai Students Kondattam aims to be that turning point, to showcase inherent talent, to identify undiscovered potential, to sharpen existing skills, to develop self-belief and confidence. 

OK, how can we help? 

You can support CSK by contributing in kind or monetarily, or get involved as a volunteer, so that every one of our children gets the opportunities and exposure they deserve. 

If you wish to support CSK in kind, here are the resources you can contribute:

Food (lunch, water, and snacks) Stationery items
Prizes (trophies, medals, and certificates) Transport (bus)
Kits (ID cards, schedules, goodies)

This year's target is 18,93,000 and the per child expense is approx.

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