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Food Distribution in COVID-19

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The ongoing Corona virus pandemic has caused massive disruptions and dislocations globally. The situation is, particularly, grim in India, where an emergency lock-down has brought life to a screeching halt for many, especially the migrants, daily wage earners and the poor. While the lock-down brings safety, it also brings hunger! Many cities are among the worst hit cities by the pandemic, and Mumbai city alone houses several vulnerable families and individuals. While most of us are safely confined to our homes with adequate food supplies, the underprivileged in Mumbai do not have access to even the basic necessities. Every day, we see heart-breaking videos of poor, vulnerable migrant workers stuck in big cities with no money, shelter or food.


Prishtha Education and Welfare Society, along with a few individuals - entrepreneurs, corporate leaders and others - has setup the food distribution points to set up temporary food camps and distribution zones across India. The food points are serving packaged meals and ration kits through a network of supply partners, local volunteers and partner NGOs, while maintaining strict distancing and hygiene protocols. The initiative aims to make sure the underprivileged don’t go to sleep with a hungry stomach as the team is delicately taking measures to Lock-down Hunger in the city!

As a NGO, Prishtha is conducting the following activities:

  • Sourcing demand from areas throughout Cities, with support from the local Police. 
  • Lists of those in need have been prepared area-wise and are being updated on an ongoing basis. 
  • Local volunteers have been assigned to each locality to support logistics and ensure that those in need are served. 

With partners like Swiggy, Zomato etc, the team has already set up an infrastructure that can prepare and deliver meals daily and is in the process of finalizing partners to supply grain kits to more than 100,000 people.

The support of the local NGO's has enabled the team to obtain requisite permissions for movement of all volunteers and vehicles attached to the project amidst the lock-down.

Currently, plans are in place till the end of the extended lock-down. Further arrangements will be made as the situation evolves. For example, distribution of food may move from cooked meals to dry ration and grains. Similarly, needs and requirements for workers may also change over time.

Your help will ensure that underprivileged people don’t go to sleep hungry. Even in isolation, we can all stand united!


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