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Fund for Master Abdul faaris life

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Dear All,

This is Master Abdul faaris, (UHID:1024213924) 1 1/2-year-old male. came to the emergency room with a history of fall from balcony first floor and sustained injury. Post fall cry present of LOC present No history of vomiting/ENT bleed. Term baby, Vaccinated as per schedule. Initially, the patient was taken to Afi hospital Tambaram CT Brain done which showed. left parietal bone fracture. left frontoparietal thin SDH, no midline shift. basal cisterns open came here for further management On arrival patient GCS EIVTMI, Pupils b/1 3mm RTL. Involuntary movement Of both upper limbs. SPO2 97%.HR 115/min. BP 93/54 mmHg Patient with the above-mentioned complaints came to ER. with involuntary. movements of both upper limbs ?seizures. GCS during the episode was EIVIMI, posturing. Antiepileptics measures given, sedated and intubated in ER and shifted for PAN CT with strict log roll protocol. CT BRAIN Right FP Thin SHD. left parietal bone fracture with fracture hematoma. no midline shift or mass effect, basal cisterns open, No EDH/ SAH/ IVH. CT ABDOMEN Normal. CT CHEST Normal. CT SPINE Normal. The condition of the baby, was explained to the attenders and planned for admission in NICU, and started managing with anticonvulsants antiedema measures. HOB 30, ionotropic support, ECHO was done which was normal. EEG was done which showed status epilepticus. The pediatric neurologist was consulted and advise Follow regarding antiepileptic management. Medical management with active sedation continued. On 13.11.2017, patient assessed at 7.()0 am, when the child's GCS ElVIM2 with b/1 2 mm srtl. moving all 4 limbs. The patient was shifted for CT Brain which showed Bilateral cerebellar hemisphere infarcts. Attenders counseled and the patient was shifted for EMERGENCY POSTERIOR FOSSA DECOMPRESSIVE CRANIECTOMY AND LEFT FRONTAL EVD INSERTION ON 13.11.2017. Post-procedure, the patient had unequal pupils right 3 5 mm and left 2.5mm.

Hence, shifted for CT brain plain which showed DIFFUSE CEREBRAL EDEMA Patient was transfused I pooled platelet, 200 ml PRBC and 2 cryo units. Transcranial Doppler was done Which showed TCCD flow pattern with no diastolic FLOW. Initiated 3% NS and not actively rewarming Maintaining mild hypothermia. Patients attenders counselled and patient shifted for EMERGENCY BIFRONTOTEMPORAL DECOMPRESSIVE CRANIECTOMY ON 13 11.2017 Procedure was uneventful and the patient was shifted back to NICU with being reversed with pupils of right 2.5msn find left 2mm rtl. FFP was transfused. NMB continued. On 14.11.2017, Patient was off sedation GCS el vtm2, with small size pupils. On PRVC mode of ventilation. Moving all 4 limbs EVD drained and was clear. Drains were minimal and removed. The fresh dressing was done. Repeat CT brain was done which showed postoperative decompressive status with small right frontal EDH. Patient reassessed and had improved neurology of E 1 vtm3, antiedema measures continued. I unit pooled platelets transfused over 4 hours. Norad Support continued. On 15.11.2017, the patient had dropped in neurology with GCS e1 vtm1 with pupils rt 4 mm and left 3mm r/1. the patient was shifted to CT which showed post-op status, bilateral cerebellar hemisphere infarct, diffuse cerebral edema, basal cisterns fully effaced, EVD in situ. the patient had an episode of bradycardia which was managed with atropine and HR raised to 92/min. The patient had weak cough reflex with an intact gag reflex. therapeutic hypothermia continued and MAp maintained with antiedema measy=ures EEG done which showed no seizure activity. patient reassessed with improvement in neurology to GCS e1 vtm2, rt 4mm r/1 and left 3.5mm r/1 On PRVC mode moving all 4 limbs Flap is full, moderately tense Nora ed @0.5ml/hr HR 76/min BP 94/70 mm HG SPO2 100%

Please save his bright life.
#Abdul faaris

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Update 1      2 years ago :

Dear Donors,

Master Abdul will get back soon.

Now,  he is to become on normal but he is under the observation as per doctor advice.

Thank you so much to all contributors and donors.

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