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Funds for Critical Heart Surgery - Gopinath

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Gopinath was diagnosed with Congenital Heart Disease - DCRV, ASD with right Hemiparesis post IE of Aortic Valve at the age of 5 years. His parents did not have the sufficient funds to do his surgery. So they were delaying his surgery to arrange for  adequate funds. In January 2017, his developed high fever and his family thought it was just a viral fever and treated with "over the counter" medications. Suddenly one night he developed Hemipariesis (weakness of one side of the body). His family rushed him to the Government Rajaji Hospital, Madurai. He was admitted there and was given treatment for the complecation for a month and was discharged. Due to the Hemipariesis he is still not able to walk properly and he is urgent need of surgery to save him. Parents heard about our foundation (Little Moppet Heart Foundation) and approached us for help. Doctor Gopi Nallayan examined the patient and advised for immediate surgery by July 2017.

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