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Fund for Gnanasoundharyan's Treatment

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“Seeing my son Gnana go through so much pain sometimes distorts my faith in Him(God). He hasn’t seen his second birthday but he has gone through a lifetime’s pain”- Gnana’s mother.

Baby Gnanasoundharyan is an adorable 1.5yrs old kid diagnosed with esophageal atresia since his birth. Shuttling between hospitals for the past six months, he is currently being treated at Christian Medical College (CMC) Vellore for Esophageal atresia. Adding to the misery, during the course of treatment, the kid went under portal hypertension.The doctors have recommended for a surgery to treat portal hypertension in addition to esophageal replacement.

Gnansoundharyan’s father is a part-time driver and his mother is a homemaker. The household merely makes income to run the family. Gnansoundharyan despite all his misery always has a smiling face. While kids of his age are adorned with jewels and dresses, Gnana needs a tube to feed himself. Gnana’s parents have sold all their belongings to save him. But for the next course of treatment, he needs Rs.1,00,000. The parents with no other place to go are seeking your help.Gnana with strong grit has battled this ailment until now. He desperately needs your help to survive.

The money we spend on our weekend movie or a happy hour beer can help Gnana’s parents save their child. At the current rate at which Gnana’s health is deteriorating, he needs to get operated with next three months to save himself before succumbing to the cruelty of faith.

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Update 2      2 years ago :

Dear Supporters,

Thank you for your tremendous love and support.

This couldn't have been possible without you. It gives me immense pleasure in informing you all that baby Gnanasoundharyan is doing well now. He was discharged on 21st March, 2018. He underwent throat operation successfully and has been doing well for two months now. He is also able to eat on his own. He does not need a tube anymore. We even went to the doctor as a follow up check up on May 26th and the baby is completely fine now.

We are all hopeful and relieved.

Thank you everyone!

Update 1      2 years ago :

Dear all, 

Thank you for your great support, Operation was done on last week. he will be recover soon.

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