Heart Surgery for 4 year old - Manikandan


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Heart Surgery for 4 year old - Manikandan

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About his medical condition:

Manikandan was diagnosed with congenital heart disease (CHD) when he was 6 months old. Symptoms like fever and vomiting started showing up, his parents took him to doctor nearby. There he was diagnosed with CHD. Doctor advise his parents to wait till he turns 5 years. So his parents didn’t take any further treatment.

          There was health check-up camp in Manikandan’s school, he was diagnosed with CHD. The doctor was advice his mother to go for surgery. The doctor referred them to LMHF free camp in Rajapalayam. Manikandan parents took him to LMHF camp, he was examined by Dr. Gopi Nallaiyan, and he was scheduled for surgery.

Family History:  

Manikandan’s father was worked in the sweet shop for a monthly salary. One year back his father was affected by a small box. His father went for a health check-up, their doctor told that Manikandan’s father was affected by Kidney Failure. He needs to undergo kidney transplantation. His father was advised to go on dialysis twice in a week. He is under dialysis treatment, so he is not able to go to work.

His mother is going to work to support the family. Manikandan is staying with his maternal grandmother; she is only taking care of manikandan.


          He has to undergo ASD closure surgery.

We Need your Support to save Manikandan. Kindly Donate to Manikandan operation.


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Update 1      2 years ago :


       Thank you so much for your support to Manikandan. Manikandan underwent surgery and He is fine now. He came for review with his parents. The family is very happy now. Once again Thank you for your support.

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