She is struggling last 22 years help her to recover from kidney problem.


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She is struggling last 22 years help her to recover from kidney problem.

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Urgent She is struggling last 22 years help her to recover from kidney problem.

Brindhasree 24 year old married women from erode struggling with kidney problem from she was born. 140+ dialysis completed so far. its a final stage both of her kidneys are affected. Only 25% of her kidney functions as of now. we need to do urgent kidney transplant to save brindhasree. Brindhasree father is going to donate kidney for her. Bridhasree parents are spend  more amount for her medical expenses from she was born. He is working as a mechanic. Brindhasree husband working in a local mobile phone shop for the salary of 8000 for month. Total expenses to completed Kidney transplantation 7 lacs. we will get around 4 lacs in government insurance scheme. we need remaining 3 lacs to complete the operations. 

Inspite of all his bad health Brindhasree was active in Yoga and dance. She is a classical dancer and good yoga teacher. help many poor kids to learn dance and yoga. Bridhasree is in a final stage we need to do kindly transplant operation urgently within 1 month. We need your support to save brindhasree.  Kindly donate as much as possible to save her. 

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