Help 4-month-old Baby Nashitha To Get Hearing Aid


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Help 4-month-old Baby Nashitha To Get Hearing Aid

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Baby Nashitha, the 4 months daughter of Mr.Baskar, Kanchipuram is diagnosed to have bilateral severe to profound hearing loss. Poor Baby Jeevitha’s parents, Mr and Mrs Baskar are deaf and dumb as well. Her father, Mr.Baskar is a daily labor who earns not more than Rs.5000 per month. Her mother is a house wife. Since their earnings are hardly enough to feed the family, they cannot afford to either rent or own a house. Currently Mr Baskar shares the house of one of his relatives. Baby Nashitha's elder sister Jeevitha (4 years old) is also deaf. With help of Edudharma's campaign , we have raised fund and donated hearing aid to her. While testing Baby Nashitha's hearing capability at Sri Ramachandra hospital, she have not consistently responded to name call / clap. Baby Nashitha needs hearing aid for both ears as recommended by doctor. Attaching medical report. Estimation given by Thaaniya speach & hearing centre, Kanchipuram is Rs.32,850 for 2 hearing aids. Attaching the estimation slip. We received request from their parents via their caretaker to help their baby to get hearing aids, because of their poor background. So, we visited the baby directly, checked the medical records, consulted with doctor, got quotation in Kanchipuram for 2 hearing aids and initiated a campaign to help her. A photo of one of our volunteer with the family is attached. Baby Nashitha seeks your help, your kindness, your generosity to make it. Please Help!

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