Help 6 Yr Old Hariharan Undergo Leg Prosthetic Surgery


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Help 6 Yr Old Hariharan Undergo Leg Prosthetic Surgery

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Life can be so unpredictable. 6 Year old Hariharan’s life stands as a testimony to life’s unpredictability. Hariharan was a happy school going kid until the unfortunate day. On March 20, 2018 he met with a gory accident while returning from school.

He was immediately rushed to Ganga hospital, Coimbatore. At Ganga, the doctors treated him for multiple body injuries, dislocated ankle and broken right foot. Though the doctors were able to treat most of the injuries, they weren’t able to save his right leg due to multiple fractures. Hari’s right knee was amputated to save his life from infection.

6 year old Hari hasn’t come in terms with life’s cruelty. He still thinks he will get his leg and life back. The doctors have recommended going for Prosthetic leg but family with the current financial condition wouldn’t be able to fund his surgery. His father works as a security at a private concern and his mother works as a daily wage at a departmental store.

By sparing a movie or a pizza for one week we could help 6 year old Hari to get his leg and life back. 

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