Save my husband Appanda Raj fighting with multiple organ failure


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Save my husband Appanda Raj fighting with multiple organ failure

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  • 27 Mar 2018

  • 22 Mar 2018

    Thanks All for the valuable Contribution,  Appanda Rajan is slowly recovering but still Doctors says he is critical stage due to fever infection and Jaundice bilirubin level is 24. So he is still in ICU and we are hoping for his recovery by waiting outside. Please continue the prayers for his speedy recovery. 

    We have attached the billS and payments done so far below.  As on 20th March total bill amount is 16 Lakh and 77 thousand which excludes Doctor fees(oral communication about doctor fee is around 5 Lakh so far). Doctor say still 3 weeks he needs to be in ICU.

    Please promote to more people and help him and his family.

  • 16 Mar 2018

    With donations pouring, we are grateful to each and every one of you who has directly or indirectly contributed. Though Appanda is recovering, his condition is still critical. With the daily expenses costing around 1.5 lakhs, we would be still needing around 20 lakhs on top of the 15 lakhs. Since we don’t know when he will come out of ICU and back to Normal functioning of body organs. Appollo is too expensive and we cannot shift to other hospital since he is in critical state now. His daily ward pharmacy alone cost 61k. Attached the Approx daily bill cost and total bill cost till now separately. All the bills will not include the doctor fees. So from the day 1 to till day they estimate around 4 to 5 lakh which they communicated orally for doctor fees. We request every kind hearted soul out there to help us get through this hurdle.

  • 15 Mar 2018

    Unbelievable support from everyone is giving more Positive Confident to the Appand's Family.

    On the Health Status:

    We are all waiting outside the Hospital to hear some good news from the Doctors. But it was not happened so far. Still we back our-self and waiting for Appand to come conscious.  

    On the next day of his Operation he was conscious and responded to our communication. But for the Past 3 days he is infected with Jaundice and Bilirubin level is increased from 9 to 12.5.

    Today morning when we played his daughter's audio recordings to him, his eyes were with tears but no reaction or movement from him. Still he is in Ventilation and in CCU room.

    With these small positive reaction from him, it will give some hope to all of us.  After operation still he is in ICU with daily Kidney dialysis and Other organ support which approx cost daily More than a Lakh.

    Attached the estimation on 12th march 2018 itself 10,82000. Since he is in critical zone cost of all the treatment is keep increasing.

     Please continue the Prayer and Fund raising which is badly needed to his Family and his speedy recovery.

    Thanks for the great Humanity and Love. Once Appand is recovered, he will contact all the individuals and thank them for sure. We are confident he will fight back and come back to normal soon.

    Please pray for him.




  • 13 Mar 2018

    Dear Donors, 

    We have reached the destination of 5 Lakhs, We have raised the destination to 10 Lakhs now since no one can contribute if the threshold is 5 Lakhs. We promise everything is going to benefit his health and family. some people are raising questions why it is raised to 10 Lakhs. It's time for showing the humanity hence please support. Thank you all who provided their support really from heart with love and affection in him.



Hi All,

My name is Dhivya, wife of Mr.Appanda Rajan. Though not a big lavish life , we were having a contented happy life with our daughter. But all of sudden our lives shattered when my husband was diagnosed with the cardiac problem. Our doctors recommended us to do Cardiothoracic surgery as soon as possible. With liquidating all our savings we were able to perform the surgery at Apollo Hospitals.  Though Appanda was recovering fast on day1, due to lack of immune strength post surgery, he got infected and is affected with Jaundice. As of today, jaundice has become strong and has already failed his kidney and liver. With multiple organs failing his condition has become severe and his life is very critical. He is now in multiple organ support. The doctors have insisted that he remains in multiple organ support for few days to treat the infection. With all our savings spent on the surgery, we are left with no money. We immediately need Rs. 5,00,000 to save Appanda's life. Our UKG studying daughter doesn't know about her father's condition, she thinks he will recover in 1 or 2 days.  We need all your help in order save Appanda's life. 

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