Bus Driver Asks Help to Save His 1 Year Baby Srinivasan


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Bus Driver Asks Help to Save His 1 Year Baby Srinivasan

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  • 17 Jul 2018

    Dear Supporters,

    We would like to share an happy update with you all.  Srinivasan underwent surgery 10 days back and right after the surgery he was not good and had some trouble with breathing and gradually he got better and now he is completely alright and got discharged from the hospital. He has to visit the doctor for follow up check ups.

    Without your support it would have never been possible. Thank you for your humble support.


“We did not know until 8 months of pregnancy, it was in the 9th month we came to know that our baby has been struggling with this heart problem ”

                                                    - Venkatraman and Sudha

Even before they could see him, Even before they could hold him,  even before they could express their joy, Venkatraman and Sudha heard from the doctor that their new born baby boy has a hole in his heart and he needs to undergo couple of surgeries to lead a normal life.

Venkatraman and Sudha had no reason to suspect anything wrong with this pregnancy. After all, their first  two kids was healthy. The doctors said the baby has to undergo two surgeries, of which baby Srinivasan has undergone  one surgery when he was 8 months old  and its been 9 months, now the baby is 1.5 years old and the doctors have said that its time for the second surgery.

Estimated cost for the surgery is 3.6 Lakhs. Venkatraman being a government bus driver is really helpless after his baby's first surgery which costed around 2 Lakhs in which medical insurance covered a lakh.  But this time they have nothing left. He and his wife seem financially helpless  to take on this huge cost have hence requested for help.

Your contribution can help Venkatraman and Sudha  keep their baby boy alive.

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