Help Dharmaraj CIT 1996 EEE department who affected with kidney failure


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Help Dharmaraj CIT 1996 EEE department who affected with kidney failure

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Very important request

Our EEE batch mate Dharmaraj has been suffering from Kidney problem and has been undergoing dialysis 2 times every week. 

Also recently his eye vision started to degrade as well. 

Few of our EEE batchmates have collected some money in the past and helped him out. 

Now we want to bring to the attention of all of us and support him at the earliest before it becomes an urgent need.

 *We propose that we collect _5 lacs_ for his medical aid in the next 2 weeks.* 

We want to collect the money in our association account and give him the chq. 

It is completely voluntary and you can directly send the money to our association account.

@⁨‪+91 93628 63085‬⁩ to send once again the account details and update the total collection on daily basis for next two weeks.

If you need more details you can contact @⁨‪+91 99450 20404‬⁩ @prv @⁨‪+91 97914 22350‬⁩ 

thank you all for the support

Dharmaraj lives in thoraiyur, near trichy. His mother passed away some years back. His father is along with him. He has two girl child. One on college first year BSc and the other 5th standard. Dharmaraj has been diagnosed with Kidney Failure and presently undergoing dialysis twice a week and recommended to do Kidney transplantation as soon as possible.

Need your support and help to save Dharmaraj. We are grateful for your Contributions and help.

Bank Name: RBL Bank
Account number: 2223330079122318
Account name: edudharma
UPI : rzpy.edudharma00000003955@hdfcbank

to receive your bank transfer & UPI transfer acknowledgment

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