Help Victims Family Affected By Recent Deadly Accident in Coimbatore


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Help Victims Family Affected By Recent Deadly Accident in Coimbatore

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On August 1st morning, a dreadful accident killed 6 and injured 4. This happened near Coimbatore, when a speeding Audi car lost control and hit on people standing in bus stop, by passers and an auto rickshaw. 

As six persons, including a college student girl who was waiting for bus, road side flower selling lady, few others in bus stop and few trespassers  were killed and four others suffered injuries and now getting treatment in emergency ward. 

We are trying to raise as much as money to support the families 

1, Victim: Subashini 18 years, who was studying college. Her father is a diabetic and running home appliance repair shop and her mother is suffering from breast cancer. The family is in need of money to treat her mother's breast cancer and medicines to take care of father.

2, Victim: Amsaveni 30 years, who was selling flowers in a petty shop. She has a son studying 8th std and her husband Chandrasekar was taking care of flower shop with his wife. The family is in need of money for her son's future and living expense

3, Victim: Kuppathal 70 years, was doing some house hold works. She was taking care of her grand daughter who lost her father. Her grand daughter is studying final year engineering in a private college. The family is in need of money for her grand daughter's educational expense and future

The families of crash victims are devastated and deeply shocked because of the horrific incident. The families are in need of money for medicine, education and lively hood. Even a small amount from you will help the family to get going. They need our support.

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