Help Gupta Manju To Survive Post Rectum Cancer


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Help Gupta Manju To Survive Post Rectum Cancer

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Couple of months back Mrs. Gupta Manju was diagnosed with rectum cancer before they could treat it the cancer got spread to her cervical area and on September 2018, she underwent a procedure to treat it where her bladder and part of her rectum was removed and an artificial opening was made through abdominal wall for which she needs life saving equipment (Ostomy product).

The life saving equipment are used to collect her fecal matters like stool and urine through the artificial opening. As her rectum is removed she has to be on this life saving equipment forever and the equipment and medicine cost alone exceeds Rs. 10,000 per month

Mr. Rajan Gupta her husband is working as a travel agent and doesn't earn enough to manage all the expense. They come from a very low socio economic family and they are struggling to manage both family and medical expense. Any contribution made will help the family.

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