Help Little Sabarish Undergo Liver Transplant


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Help Little Sabarish Undergo Liver Transplant

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Just when the entire family was about to gather in joy to give a name to this little baby boy, the doctors said he has only a few months left to live without a liver transplant.

4-year-old Sabarish is diagnosed with PFIC a rare inherited liver disorder. Mr. Thangapandian and his wife Mrs. Chellamani are trying to save their child’s life. Sabarish has a chance to survive if she gets the treatment. 

Having a baby is a blessing but watching the baby in pain every day is a curse. Thangapandian and Chellamani feel cursed as they are watching their baby boy suffer since the day he was born.

He was affected by Jaundice at the age of 1 and was admitted to the hospital. A biopsy was done and doctors found that his liver was affected. Ever since he has been on medications. He is currently studying , but he has been unable to go to school due to his illness.

The child mother has voluntarily come forward to donate part of her liver which is required to carry out this operation and in evaluation she was found to be suitable donor for the same.

Mr. Thangapandian working for daily wages and his family is very poor

The estimate cost of pre-liver transplant workup for both recipient & donor will be Rs. 200000. 

How you can help
Sabarish has to undergo the transplant to survive. They are not able to proceed with it without funds.  With our support he can undergo the transplant as planned.

“Each day without the transplant, will only add on to him pain, I can’t see him like this”- Chellamani 

It is our earnest request to you all to help them arrange this fund to save their little daughter.
With lots of hope.

Some statistics
- Around 10 lakh patients of liver cirrhosis are newly diagnosed every year in India.

Liver disease is the tenth most common cause of death in India as per the World Health Organization.

Liver disease may affect every one in 5 Indians.


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