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Help Satguru Charity Feed Sadhus & Poor Amid Lockdown

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  • 13 Sep 2020

    Crossed 150 Days of Covid-19 Relief Food distribution to Sadhus & Poor

    13 September 2020

    Dear Donor,

    With all your continuous support, Crossed 150 Days of Covid-19 Relief food distribution everyday among the Sadhus & Poor. Here are some pictures of our distribution which took place at Thiruvannamalai where we have fed approx 3000+ Sadhus & Poor. Thank you very much

  • 07 Jul 2020

    Crossed 100 Days of Covid19 Relief food distribution to Sadhus & Poor

    7 July 2020

    Dear Donor

    With all your continuous support, Crossed 100 Days of Covid19 Relief food distribution to Sadhus & Poor everyday among the sadhus. Here are some pictures of our distribution which took place at Thiruvannamalai where we have fed approx 3000+ sadhus. Thank you very much


Corona (Covid-19) Outbreak has made thousands of people suffer in Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu.

Thiruvannamalai is a holy town in Tamil Nadu. The greatness of the town rests in the belief that Shiva himself resides there in the form of a mountain known as Arunachala here, and so the Lord enshrined in the temple there in the form of a Linga is also known by the name Arunachaleswara. The festival of Karthigai Deepam celebrated here with great religious fervor attracts lakhs of devotees, when a big flame is lighted on top of the Arunachala hill and is worshipped as the Lord himself.

In light of the Covid-19 outbreak, we have started a relief program for all the people living in and around Arunachala Hill in Tiruvannamlai. Thousands of people living here, especially the sadhus, the poor, and the needy have suffered a lot during these difficult and uncertain times.  

Hot nutritious food is cooked very day with help from our team of sadhus and volunteers. We then use our mini-vans to distribute and offer the same to more than 3000 people daily.

We drive and set up camps along the 14 km long Girivalam Path of Arunachala Hill two times every day, as thousands of sadhus, poor, homeless, and hungry people flock to our stations. We have been doing this since March 25.

The pandemic has badly affected these areas, and most charities and foundations been shut down. We work to ensure that no person has to be hungry even at the darkest of times, and want to continue for the upcoming months as well.

I have started this campaign to seek help from all of you. We, at Satguru Charitable Trust, consider this our responsibility to be fearless and welcoming at the face of crisis. Help us provide for the sadhus, the poor, and the homeless. Let us fight the crisis together. There is no deed greater than serving your own kind. 

Please donate and contribute with whatever you can.

Satguru Charitable Trust

Satguru Charitable Trust, a registered non-profit charity organization which supports

(Regd no. Book IV-2/2018. Date: 19.01.2018)

1. Disaster Relief

2. Providing food for Poor & Needy - Annadhanam

3. Animal Welfare by giving food and Shelter to Cows & Dogs

4. Conducting Medical Camps for poor and needy

5. Donating Books and educational expenses to poor children

Bank Name: RBL Bank
Account number: 2223330071912597
Account name: Swami Nirmalananda
UPI : rzpy.edudharma00000004469@hdfcbank

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