Help seven month old baby Ikshita Miraclin heart surgery


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Help seven month old baby Ikshita Miraclin heart surgery

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When Sheeba was expecting in her third month, the scan indicated that the baby had a congenital heart defect which would be rectifiable. The young couple was referred to MIOT Hospital to consult Dr. Robert regarding the condition.

They were informed about the surgery and what expense it would entail.

Sheeba had a premature delivery, delivered at 35 weeks and soon after birth the baby was brought to MIOT Hospitals and underwent Aortic Arch Repair by resection of coarctation and reverse subclavian flap aortoplasty on the 6th day after birth.  The baby had a stormy post operative period involving respiratory, GI and sepsis related issues.

On the next day – 7th day of birth - she had to go through her second surgery – ileostomy and colostomy. She was discharged on August 14 after 45 days in the Hospital.

She is now seven months old and has to go through her next procedure for closure of the Colostomy.

Treatment –  Needs to undergo Laprotomy + adhesiolysis and Colostomy closure.

Ileostomy closure will be planned after 3 months.

Estimate Cost – Rs.2,50,000 including surgery, ICU and hospital stay, pre op & post op investigations and medications.

Additional follow up surgery cost after one month – Rs. 1,10,000

Total Rs.3,60,000

The parents of this baby are Naresh and Sheeba. Naresh works in the account section at R R Donnelly.

Initially he was prepared for the baby’s cardiology surgery which the doctors had told him would cost Rs.2,50,000/-

However the emergency ceasarian cost was an additional Rs.1,50,000 which they did not expect.

This was followed by the emergency – ileostomy and colostomy on the 7 day  costing an additional Rs. 3,00,000 for which he was most unprepared.

Naresh and Sheeba are totally broke and to support the expenses and pay of debts, Naresh works as an auto driver after office hours. In the family are aged parents who cannot aid them much other than give them moral support.

The Couple’s trust and faith in God is immense. They believe that only a Miracle could have saved their baby daughter and brought her to see this day.

Hence they have named her Ikshita Miraclin.

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