Help Sindhu To Get A Life Saving Heart Surgery


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Help Sindhu To Get A Life Saving Heart Surgery

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For the past 6 years, Sindhu, has been fighting with a heart defect called congenital heart defect, where there is a block in her valve which blocks the blood flow and that makes her difficult to breath and also weak.

"My daughter is very intelligent and active but sometimes she gets very tired and drowsy. Whenever she gets tired, fear surrounds her and she gets upset which again makes her health worse"  - Mother Anjala

When Sindhu was 13-years old she was frequently suffering fatigue, nausea and fever, her mother Anjala took her to the medical camp, where doctors diagnosed that she was suffering with congenital heart disease and should be under proper medication until surgery

Sindhu is an athlete, she was good at hurdling and has participated in various school tournaments. After she was diagnosed with heart defect, doctors advised to give up her passion towards sports until surgery is done

“Sometimes she is active and cheerful but next moment she would be weak and sick. Her illness has become unpredictable. All I want is to save my daughter but being a daily wage farmer earning Rs.100 per day I am helpless” - Father Nainiappan

In spite of all the suffering and parents discouragement, Sindhu is pursuing B.Sc Physics by traveling 42Kms every day to reach her college. Sindhu needs an urgent heart surgery, she can only have it only if her family can find the means to pay for it. Affording 3 Lakhs for the surgery is beyond her parent's limit and now any help from you can save her life.

You can donate online or transfer money to the following account details

Account Number: 2223330098679863

Beneficiary Name: Sindhu


This bank account accepts only INR NEFT/IMPS transfer, it does not accept direct cash deposits.

Once you have made the transfer, please drop a mail to with your transaction reference number, your name, your email and phone number to receive payment acknowledgement receipt

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