Help the Mother to save his daughter from urgent heart problem


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Help the Mother to save his daughter from urgent heart problem

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Selvapriya is 17 years old. Her family is in real dire straits. Her mother, Kuppayi is the only earning member.  Her father has never been a contributor or responsible for the needs of the family.  Kuppaiyi  was very keen her daughters must be educated and both the girls went to the local government school, and have completed their 12th. But for lack of marks they are unable to get into higher studies. The elder girl is looking for employment but being a small town its been difficult to get a job.

For their safety they live with their aunt’s family. And Selvapriyas mother Karupaiyi goes to work in the fields. Coming to Chennai today they had to sell one earing to pay for their fare.

It all started when Selvapriya was in the 7th standard - it was during the games period that she felt very breathless and giddy.  The doctor in her home town identified she had a heart problem and prescribed medication. But after about a year, when it did not subside, they again went to Amritha Medical Centre in Kerala.  The conditions here were very difficult as they said they said there was a waiting period. The surgery would be free and the patient will be discharged after ICU, and should be maintained locally in the city and report for a check up every evening.  Language was a problem as also finance.  

Today Selvapriya has been diagnosed to be Known case of Rheumatic heart disease with severe aortic regurgitation and moderate to severe mitral regurgitation.

Selvapriya will undergo a High risk open heart surgery, DOUBLE VALVE replacement (Aortic Valve replacement + Mitral Valve replacement)

The Estimated Cost – 6,60,000 inclusive of surgery, medication, investigations and 10 day stay in the hospital. 

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