Help this 1 year 4 months baby for treatment


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Help this 1 year 4 months baby for treatment

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Dear supporters,

This baby who is diagnosed as PUV vith Right VUR with poorly functioning kidney and Right UTI

He has undergone cystoscopy tulguration and right low loop ureterostomy on 27/9/19.

Ar present, the plan is to admit him and do UDS with cystogram and depending on the findings he will be posted for surgery.

If UDS is normal, then right orchidopexy and right ureteric reimplantation will be done. If UDS is abnormal only orchidopexy will be done and he will be reassessed after 2 years and will be managed.

The cost for UDS and reimplant and orchidopexy wil be approximately come up to Rs.90,000/-

Please do support this baby to save his life. Even a small change can make big difference

Thank you.

Bank Name: RBL Bank
Account number: 2223330063239244
Account name: Raju Raj
UPI : rpy.edudharma00000004713@icici

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