Help this 8 year old Girl for her surgery


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Help this 8 year old Girl for her surgery

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Help this 8 year old Girl for her surgery

Harishma was born with a problem where her breathing was restricted. The baby was diagnosed with a heart problem.  Harishma’s parents – Gautam and Vanita were  a young couple making both ends meet through daily wages, had taken her to different government hospitals where they say they were assured that medication would be sufficient and she could be well.

When she was three years old however, she turned blue, her nails turned blue and she was in a bad condition of breathlessness and taken to Children’s Hospital but they directed them to other private hospitals. Again they said that it was a complicated case but they would wait to do the surgery since she was very weak and unable to withstand the surgery.

When the child turned really bad last year, now she is eight - the parents rushed her to Stanley Hospital. At this point of time a  cardiology camp was being conducted at the Stanley Hospital. The parents were explained her condition. There was a chance of 80% success taking up the surgery at the earliest they were told.  The camp directed her for surgery to MIOT Hospitals. The parents want their daughter to be well, after all she and they have been through.

The parents – Gautam is now an Auto Driver and Vanita is a home maker. She takes care of Harishma and her sister Harini.

Diagnosis – Situs Solitus, Levocardia, Unbalanced AV Septal Secundum ASD, DORV Antero Posteriorly related great arteries, severe sub valvar and valvar pulmonary stenosis.           

Treatment – She is advised Single Ventricular Palliation: Biderectional Glenn/ Primary Fontan Surgery for correction of the same.
Estimate Cost – Rs. 2,50,000

With All your support we can save this young girl to get cured!!!!!!!

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