Help us to purchase Piymask, N95 Mask, PPE Kits frontline health care and sanitization workers


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Help us to purchase Piymask, N95 Mask, PPE Kits frontline health care and sanitization workers

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  • 05 Apr 2020

    Dear Donors, 

    We have distributed !000 Face shields to coimbatore Sanitary workers and hospitals in a first space. we are working to produce more Face shields to full fill the need of Sanitary workers and hospital peoples. Thanks to everyone for supporting this cause. Kindly share this campaign to your friends and family ro raise more fund for needy frontline workers.


    Team Edudharma


The world is facing a global pandemic right now. Medically, we are critically underserved and our frontline health care and sanitization workers are not getting access to medical kits and equipments.

The prices of these kits have skyrocketed in the market - a 3 Ply mask that was earlier sold at Rs. 7-8 is now being sold at Rs. 30, an N95 mask is sold for over Rs. 200, PPE kits for doctors are being sold at Rs. 800-900.

The only way to stop these overhoarding of prices?  Price it at the lowest cost and mass produce to meet the demand. 

we work with an ecosystem of recyclers and manufacturers from across the country, and I can ensure flat, transparent, low cost pricing for all these kits. 
Please reach out to me at 9080365455 for pricing and quantity available information. 

Together, you and I can ensure that medical kits and equipments are available to all of our frontline warriors at the lowest possible cost. Thanks for supporting this venture, and thank you for being great warriors for the people and the planet.


1⃣ N95(without respirator) :- Rs 55/piece 

2⃣ N95(with respirator) :- Rs 90/piece

3⃣ 3Ply Facemask :- Rs 7/piece

4⃣ Infrared Thermometer :-  Rs 1250/piece

5⃣ PPE Kit :- Rs. 500/piece

6⃣ Surgical Gloves :- Rs. 55/piece

We are working with Pepaa Products Private Limited for procuring and distribution of above kits.

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