Help to save 1 year old Vinayakamurthi from heart problem


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Help to save 1 year old Vinayakamurthi from heart problem

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Dear Supporters,

The 1 year old, Vinayagamurthi was suffered with Heart problem. When he was born the family was surprised and happy but, when they brought him to the home. He started to cry severely and fell ill so the parents took him to the hospital, doctors advised that he had a hole in his heart and directs them to go Government Hospital, Madurai.

In there Dr.Gopi checked vinayagamurthi and scold the parents for the delay of admitting. Explained about the surgery, which he should complete the surgery before 2 years or else it became very complicated to recover and we don’t know that is vinayagamurthi’s heart will respond for the surgery. The parents believed the Almighty and Dr.Gopi. After the struggle of 8 hours the operation got success.

Now Vinayagamurthi is alright, he can able to play and do breathe easily. But he must continue the treatment untill he recover from all the problems. Till now they have to pay 5 lakhs, As the parents is from poor background so, they couldn’t afford this amount. Kind hearted people’s come forward to contribute and help the family to save Vinayagamurthi. 

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