help to save 12 year old Darshini from Pulmonary Atresia,


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help to save 12 year old Darshini from Pulmonary Atresia,

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Darshini comes across as a sweet, simple, delicate, soft spoken 12 year old, who has a gentleness about her. Darshini is studying in the 7th Standard at AKD Matric Secondary School in Villupuram. Her parents say she is hard working but just that she tires very easily.  She does not have the energy to play although she wishes she could like other children.

She was fine as a baby, at 7 months she did not gain weight, had constant cold. So they diagnosed her to have a heart problem. An angio was done at 5 years and she continued a normal life. Two years ago she was vomiting blood. When she was 12 JIPMER referred her to MIOT Hospitals. She had her first procedure then.

They were to report for second surgery but due to paucity of funds were unable to visit MIOT Hospitals for any further check ups. It was when she had a lot of discomfort and breathlessness that the parents realized it must be due to her heart problem.

They rushed her to MIOT Hospitals and went through investigations.  

Diagnosis   Pulmonary Atresia, VSD, MAPCAS, S/p Bilateral Unifocalisation & Central Shunt & PA Plasty.

Treatment – To undergo Intra Cardiac Repair with RV-PA Conduit & RPA plasty +/- VSD Closure for correction of the same

Estimate Cost –  Rs.3,60,000  including surgery, ICU & Hospital stay,  Post op investigations and medications

Darshini has been very diligent about her studies. She regrets she is unwell but so very soft, she accepts that she needs to undergo a surgery. 

 Her parents, Suresh and Priya are helpless as the father is a daily wage earner and at the moment getting work every day is also very difficult he says. He is unable to do much with Rs.400 a day which is also not regular.

Their younger son, Naveen, is 7 years old and he is also studying in the same school.

They request well wishers, the noble and kind hearted and philanthropists to help them through these difficult times. Darshini is a child in need. She is ambitious. She has the verve to get well.  This surgery means a lot for her well being. 


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