Help to save 2 year old baby Vignesh Heart problem


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Help to save 2 year old baby Vignesh Heart problem

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  • 21 Jul 2020

    Dear Donors, 

    Thanks to everyone for Donating Vignesh heart Surgery. Vignesh Operation was completed successfully and he Discharged from hospital. His Helth condition was improved a lot in recent days. Now he plays like a normal kid in his native. Its all happen because of your continues support and donation. Keep support needy people to save more lives and to make more impact in poor people life.


    Edudharma Team

  • 24 May 2020

    Dear Donors, 

    Viginiesh operation was postpone and date not yet conformed due to corona. we are working with MIOT hospital to conform the date asap.

    Vignesh heart was stable and he don't have urgent to do operation. so we have time to do operation for him as per the doctors statement. 

    Thanks to everyone for supporting and donating for Vignesh heart operation. 


    Edudharma team


Note: Operation completed successfully. vignesh dining good now.

Dear Helping Hands,

Here we are raising fund for a 2 years old child Vignesh. His father is Venkatesh and his mother is Dilli Rani. His father working as a weaver in Chittoor, Andhra pradesh and his mother is a house wife. Vignesh was born as a premature child and kept in incubator. By birth itself he have heart disease.

His parents took him to secunderabad for some consultations. Still he is in under treatment but he doesn’t have any strength and improvements. Later he changed as a adamant child, whatever he wants he forced his parents to do that.

“ I need chocolates, I need Toys”- ( The cries of Vignesh)

Their family background is very low and they doesn’t have more money to took the treatment. The Doctors adviced him to undergo the treatment of Biventricular repair surgery. The estimated cost of the surgery is 3 Lakhs. As a weavers it is a tough job to gain money for them.

We are poor but we feel rich, when our child is with us”- ( The words of Vignesh’s parents). Kindly come forward to contribute and save Vignesh from his heart disease.
Thanking You

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