Help to save 5 Month old baby Sumaya Khatun from Bihar Need Urgent Heart Surgery


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Help to save 5 Month old baby Sumaya Khatun from Bihar Need Urgent Heart Surgery

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  • 12 Feb 2020

    Dear Donors, 

    Thanks to everyone for supporting Sumaya Khatun heart operation. Sumaya Khatun doing well and he is move to bihar with his parents. Kindly find the attached pic Sumaya Khatun with his parents in Bihar. Once again thanks to everyone for supporting Sumaya Khatun heart operation. help us save him. (Kindly find the latest Pic of Sumaya Khatun in Campaign update page) 


    Edudharma team 

  • 22 Oct 2019

    Dear Donors, 

    Thanks for Donating Sumaya Khatun Heart Operation. Sumaya Khatun operation completed Successfully and the baby discharged from hospital today. Thanks for everyone saving life of Sumya Khatun. 


    Edudharma team 

  • 15 Oct 2019

    Dear Donors, 

    Thanks for everyone support and contribution. We have fixed the operation date for Sumaya Tomorrow due to her bad health conditions. Pray for Sumaya Operation to recover soon from surgery. 


    Edudharma Team


Dear All, 

Sumaya Khatun is in need of urgent surgery. She has spent enough time going from her village to their nearest city, Bagdogra.

Mohomad Ansar and Rubi Khatoon, are from Khattiyar Jilla in Bihar. Both of them are totally unlettered. Rubi Khatoon talks only Bihari dialect. Ansar has been working in Chennai for the past four years. Can understand Tamil but does not talk. He has been a cook. Now works at an eatery in East Mugappair as a cook.  

When their second daughter, Sumaya Khatun was born she had a constant problem of discomfort, could not sleep and could not consume milk.

The doctors in the district explained to them that the baby had a heart problem. They went to one of the big cities closest to them, Bagdogra, for treatment and were directed to Vellore Hospital. Sumaya came down with the baby, and Anser took her to Vellore. Here again the cost was high and they had no means to undergo treatment.

Time was ticking for the little one. At this time it was Mr. Suresh, the proprietor of the place where Anser worked, called him to Chennai on the advice of his friends who offered support and directed them to MIOT Hospitals for treatment.

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