Help to save 5 year old Prathiksha from congenital heart Disease


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Help to save 5 year old Prathiksha from congenital heart Disease

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  • 13 Apr 2020

    Dear Donors, 

    Inspite of all our effort we are Sorry to inform you that Prathiksha was passed away few days before. we will share your official letter from received from hospital shortly. Thanks to everyone for supporting the cause.



    Eduhdharma Team


Five year old Prathiksha is just stabilizing after going through a critical phase in the ICU.

When her mother, Kanniyammal, was expecting Prathiksha she was informed that the baby to be born had a congenital heart defect. 

When she was born she was initially kept in incubation for 10 days and discharged. She grew up without much disturbance – except that she was sensitive to noise, when her heart beat would become really high.. However at 5 years (she weighed just 9 kgs.) she developed chest pain and was referred to Stanley Hospital. From there, as the Doctor foresaw it was going to be an expensive procedure, they would need funds, they were referred to MIOT Hospitals.

Initial procedure was managed through funding from well wishers. But due to her extension of stay in the ICU and her positive response to treatment, there are further costs indicated.

Diagnosis   complex congenital heart Disease, Ebstein Anamoly of Right AV Valve, Large VSD, Severe PAH and Bi ventricular Dysfunction.

Treatment – Underwent PA Banding. Post surgery she required ECMO and is in ICU.

Estimate Cost – Rs.2,50,000 for Post Op ICU & Hospital stay, Post op investigations and medications

Prathiksha’s elder sister – Harini – is also an unwell child.  She had high level of Jaundice. She required immediate blood transfusion, was given infected blood the result of which was a reaction and further infection all over her body just 6 days after she was born, resulting in loss of bone, ligament, muscle in her  right leg during treatment.

The parents are very depressed and distraught as both their daughters are facing such acute health conditions and helpless as they are financially unable to do much.

Prathiksha’s Dad – Thamarai Selvan – works as a helper in a Garment Company in the packing section.

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