Help to save my 6 year Old Son from Cancer


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Help to save my 6 year Old Son from Cancer

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" I miss playing with my friends at school and in my street ", says Rithish. Rithish is just 6 years old. An year ago, he was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, where body stops producing enough new blood cells. He requires a bone marrow transplant to get treated.

During last year summer vacation, Rithish all of a sudden blacked out and fell down and when his parents took him to Pediatrician. After taking blood test doctor suggested to take him Sri Ramachandra Hospital, Chennai. Following many tests the doctors informed that Rithish is diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.

Father Durai worked for Security guard in chennai and mother is a Housewife. The family has now shifted to Chennai for the treatment and staying at a rented room near hospital to reduce the hospital room charges. 

" Due to lack of blood, my son cannot walk normally like other children. We led a simple life in our village. But today, we are spending nights in hospital for our son's life. It feels so terrible to watch my son getting injected every 4 hours and how much he is going through " - Vijayakumari (mother)

Hospital Estimated Min 10 to 12 Lakhs to save his son. The parents are absolutely helpless coming from a very low Socio economic background. With your support we can save the kid. You can make a donation here by clicking on the 'Donate' button.

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Update 2      11 months ago :

Dear All, 

Thanks for Supporting and Donating to save Ritish from Cancer. Unfortunately  Ritish was passed way yesterday. Doctors tried a lot to save him.  His body not supported any kind of treatment last 2 days. once again thanks for everyone for supporting for his Treatment.

#Rip_Ritish #Pray_for_RitishFamily 

Update 1      1 year ago :

Dear All, 

Ritish Bring back to home after  they complete the few tests. Ritish Liver size increased due to infection and also pat lets counts are reduced in blood. doctors mention is not a right time to do a further treatment. They told bring back to home and make him normal to reduce the liver problem. 

But they mention Min we need 12 to 15 lacs to save ritish from this cancer. Kindly spread more and help to raise fund for him. Pray for ritish! 

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