Help to Save the Son of Single Mother from Bihar


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Help to Save the Son of Single Mother from Bihar

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Dear All, 

Rinku Devi is Thanraj’s mother. She hails from a small village in Bihar in Navada Jilla – her mother’s place is Hisua.

She got married to Raju, a Bihari in the neighboring village, who was working in Chennai and came with him to Chennai 10 years ago. After two children, Raju, the father, abandoned the family. They do not know about his whereabouts.

She took on the mantle of a single parent. Its over two years since she visited her family and home town.  She says the poverty there is worse than here. Because she works as a domestic worker in 6 houses per day she says she earns just enough to support her children, rent a house and feed them. She cannot even think of visiting her family or go back to Bihar as conditions are even worse there.

Her neighbors are her support. When she had her children, they gave her support in the absence of her family, and were responsible for giving them names like Thanraj and Dhanalakshmi.

Thanraj was diagnosed with congenital heart disease when he was a month old at Stanley Hospital.  But he was asked to come for regular check ups as it could be that the condition sorted itself in due course. However recently he was asked to go to MIOT for further investigations.

However the doctor at Stanley Hospital felt Thanraj did need surgery now and referred the patient to MIOT hospitals.

He has been diagnosed with Large Ostium Secundum A5D, additional small ASD.

Treatment – He has to undergo ASD closure for correction of the same

Estimate Cost – 1,60,000.

As they hail from Bihar they are not eligible for any funding locally.

Rinku Devi pleads for help to cure her son, requesting the kind hearted and well wishers to aid her son as she is really helpless. 

Bank Name: RBL Bank
Account number: 2223330009695541

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Update 1      8 months ago :

Dear Donors, 

Thanraj Operation was completed successfully. Thanks for everyone supporting and Donating for Thanraj Heart Operation. We have attached Thanraj  pic with his mother when they came for first checkup after surgery. Looking forward your continues support for other needy people also.


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