Help 2-year Old Champ Vyjith Undergo Bone Marrow Transplantation

A Campaign by Alan

This campaign has been ended.

About the Fundraiser

Vyjith Dev, 2 years little champ, who belongs to a remote village kakkanadu here in Ernakulam District, Kerala, has been going thorough most perilous condition of his life. Due to the lack of corpuscles in his body, he has been suffering constant wounds in his body caused by strong itching and severe pain throughout the body. Sometimes when it gets strong it is looking terrible, itching which he never stops and turns to big wounds. We can’t even imagine the kind of pain our Vjith Dev is going through. In some occasions, he can’t even talk but crying. When he completely loses his power, looks drained out, inactive, and doesn't want to wake up, that is when we know that the disease is getting worse. Seeing his pathetic condition parents and other relatives are quiet helpless as they could only cry beside him.

This incurable disease caught him when he turned 5 months 17 days after he was born. Though he underwent a lot of treatments and surgery but resulted in pain. Even though several treatments and surgeries were done but it resulted nothing.

Finally, after plenty of treatments failed, doctors suggested his family to make him undergo bone marrow transplantation surgery as there is no other alternative solution. The surgery was completed at the cost of 20 lakhs. The family has spent more than 5 lakhs for his treatment already. He need further support around Rs.300000 for his post operation Treatment.

We hope your benevolence, kindness and wholeheartedly support for our beloved Vyjith Dev. It is extremely depressing for us to see our Vyjith Dec like this. We are broken-hearted thinking about what might happen, but right now all the flurry of work around the transplant is keeping us distracting from the terrible thoughts. We think this transplant surgery will give him a pain-free, healthy shot at growing up and living a happy long life.



Edudharma PAN No: AAATK5053D   80G No: 1419(32)/80-81