Join hands with Mr. Manickabharathi to train and show good path to the boys who went Jail


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Join hands with Mr. Manickabharathi to train and show good path to the boys who went Jail

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Join hands with Mr. Manickabharathi for raising funds to give bakery training and livelihoods sale counters for juveniles, abandoned girls and women

Founder of 'Our Shoulders' Foundation, Manickabharathi: Offenses of helplessness, theft, prosecution of children under the age of 18, sent to juvenile courts, and kept for 15 days custody in child care home.If he is convicted of serious crimes, he is sentenced to prison and sent to a juvenile-reform school. Those who steal because of poverty are often trapped. Going by this poverty, children's crime will be reduced. If they are given the apprenticeship to make them economical, it is possible. Chennai, in Pullasarvakkam, at child care home, band percussion, carpentry and bakery training program that included some exercises are provided.

When We came here, bakery production equipment had damaged. To use the equipment for training and for the approval of getting students, we sent a request to the social welfare sector.We also select students who are interested in the bakery industry, clearly analyzing their family background and putting them into practice. It takes 45 days of practice to make biscuits, puffs and bread. In order to train here, an MBA-educated friend, who runs a bakery and serves as an instructor. A chef who works in a star hotel, comes in and trains from time to time. We also buy raw materials. Students who complete this training can self-confidently pursue a career.

So far, we have trained 40 students. Currently, 20 people are undergoing training.We have requested permission from the government to set up a bakery shop on the doorstep of the house. For us, the juvenile court judge and the social welfare authorities are supportive and cooperative. Friends of our 'Friends WhatsApp' group help our family members.

Not dangerous even if used daily!
"Our mission is to provide employment and sales opportunities for the well-trained, so that the two students realized the mistake they have made due to the social situation.Named for the benefit of Ramesh and Karthik, who are currently working on our shoulders as an Adolescent Trainer and are in the process of setting up shop in University, College Campus, Government Campus, IT Companies.We offer basic bakery training on existing machines. Still, many things are needed to teach in setting up a star quality bakery" -Manickabharathi

Some of his News articles:

He had been invited for Namma Oru Hero program in SUN Network. Here is the video link:

Here is Mr. Parthiban who has successfully completed his training. Now, he has started his livelihood with a sales counter.

The Total estimated project cost is Rs. 9 Lakhs for Bakery training program.

Future Plans: At present training is given to juveniles, In future going to train abandoned girls and women's and planning to create bakery sale counters for their livelihood.

Support Him for changing the society better.

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