Karunya - The Budding Fencer of India


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Karunya - The Budding Fencer of India

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  • 15 Mar 2017

    Request closed.cheque is handed over to her parents by D4v volunteer.thank you so much for all sponsors for your valuable contribution

  • 12 Mar 2017

    Cheque of 1.57 Lakhs handed over to Karunya Fencing player by D4V Direction4Volunteers to participate in fencing championship in poland. Thanks to all volunteers, sponsors and supporters especially Edudharma Chennai Memes and people who helped a lot for this girls..thanks for your great support.

  • 18 Feb 2017

    We are the Team D4V (www.d4v.in) are grateful to thank each and every contributor who made this to happen. Initially we were thinking how this dream will come true. Thanks to Edudharma team for letting know the people about Karunya. There were about 140 Contributors to the girl. We are very happy to disclose the request. The request was successful and the girl is now ready to participate in the International Fencing Competition in Poland. At this moment we thank each and every divine heart who made this possible. Let us encourage the budding talents.We are very sure that the kid will be winning the championship and make our nation proud. with best regards, - Team D4V Let's Spread Volunteerism www.d4v.in +91-8148786883 Our FB Page -->> http://bit.ly/D4VPage Our FB Group:-->>http://bit.ly/D4VFbGroup Our Twitter Page:-->>http://bit.ly/tweetD4V To Join with us in whatsapp -->>http://bit.ly/D4VWhatsapp


The girl is ambitious in this very little age of life who knows to balance both education and extracurricular activities. She is a top ranker of her class, good drawing artist and a professional sports person(Fencing). On enquiring with her Coach, we came to know that she is an integral part of the Namakkal District Fencing team. She does not have any financial support from any of her family viz. her father is working as a fitting mechanic and her mother is a tailor by part time and working as daily wager. Despite her family circumstances she has performed in oratorical competitions and won several championships in Fencing at her small age. It is Unfortunate that our Government cannot provide allowances for the sport event and the coaching team and the candidate must bear the whole expenses. Young talents like Karunya must be supported by us to make India proud. We are sure that if proper guidance and support is given this girl can come out with flying colors and make our nation to stand ahead. Her dream is to achieve Gold medal for India in The Olympic Games. May the little girl achieve her dreams.  Approximately 1,50,000 INR is the estimate of the cost of expenses which includes,

Travel - 65,000 INR

Food and Accommodation - 30,000 INR

Tournament Expenses - 35,000 INR

Miscellaneous Expenses - 20,000 INR

We request everyone who reads this to help her for the same. Let the young kid achieve her desire. If supported the kid will represent India in Olympics and make our nation proud.

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