Kerala flood affected family seeking support for their daughter's higher education


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Kerala flood affected family seeking support for their daughter's higher education

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I am a Doctor of Pharmacy graduate from Kerala. I graduated from college with bigger dreams of doing my higher studies, acquiring a good job, taking care of my family. Being the first girl in my family to get a higher education and setting examples for my sisters, my dreams are endless. Battling all the financial limitations, my parents managed to provide me with the best education. They taught me the importance of education and made me look at my future with confidence & excitement. I always managed to remain in the top ten throughout my school. I graduated from Al Shifa College of Pharmacy under Kerala University of Health Sciences. And I fetched my admission for MSc in pharmaceutical Regulatory affairs at the prestigious Institute of Technology, Carlow, Ireland. 

I grew up in Kuttanad, a small village in Kerala where people make their livelihood from agriculture and perhaps the only place in the world where farming is done up to 2 meters below sea level. Last year we endured the most devastating flood of the decade which swept our houses, farmlands, and whole of the village. The whole family stood there drenched and helpless with a bedridden grandmother, infants, children, and the elders. That was a horrifying moment between life and death. We were taken to the distress relief camps by rescue boats. We spent about 2 weeks in the camp and later moved to a relative’s place. Almost after a month as the water level came down, we went back to our houses and found everything damaged and swept away by the flood. We lost our crops, furniture, clothes, and almost all the household items. We had to rebuild our lives from square one. Even though it was a highly depressive phase we gathered the courage to reconstruct our lives back to normal. We are still not able to restore completely to the previous state but are doing our best. Agriculture has been our major source of income and the flood hit us right in the eye destroying the economy of our family.  Neither myself nor my family is in a position to financially support my higher studies. Challenges apart, I have firmly decided to move forward with my dream of pursuing MSc at Institute of Technology, Carlow, Ireland which now completely depends on sponsorship, crowdfunding or any sort of financial help.

I was in a hope of funding my higher studies by taking a loan, but due to my previous education loan overdue and no collateral to submit all the banks denied a loan for me. My family and I tried all the possible ways to arrange money and we failed. I am here in this platform which is my last hope to fulfill my and my family's hopes and dreams. I am requesting every one of you to please help me from this helpless situation.  Being a victim of the Kerala Flood of 2018, this is my only hope and I can assure you that it will never go vain if awarded and will be committed to prevailing its true intention. The first step towards being a world changer starts right here, from where I come from. I could set an example for the young girls out there in our village that anything is achievable if you have the determination, passion, and faith in self. I thank you immensely for considering my request.

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