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Fund for Feeding the Needy and Hungry

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Food waste is an alarming issue which is resulting in adverse consequences such as huge loss of revenue, resources and also impacts society and environment at a greater scale. Every year the man kind is wasting nearly 1.3 billion tons of edible food which is almost one third of the food produced for human consumption ultimately ending in dustbins and landfills. At the same time, everyday 1 in 9 people (approximately 80 crores) across the globe go hungry and starving for food. 


Throwing away the edible food benefits no one and when properly connected to the needy and hungry, it reduces both food waste and hunger. 


No Food Waste is such an organization working towards reducing food waste and hunger by recovering untouched edible surplus food from various weddings and functions and feeding the needy. 


The initiative was started in Coimbatore in 2014 and now benefiting thousands of needy people in Coimbatore, Chennai, Erode, Salem, Tiruchirappalli, Tiruppur, Dharmapuri, Tadepalligudem and Eluru in Andhra Pradesh and Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala. Also, we are likely to be expanded to 10 more cities by 2018. 


We have alleviated the hunger of more than 5.2+ lakh needy people as of March 2018 across 10 cities and saved a revenue loss of about INR 2.7 crores. By our surplus food recovery chapters about 175 tons of edible food is saved from ending in landfills. 


Through our food recovery chapters, we are feeding people at an expense of about Re. 1 per individual which involves operational costs such as fuel charges, incentives and vehicle maintenance. We are striving hard daily to reduce this per head cost of expense as much as possible in-order to support more people longing for edible and nutritious food. 


We can tackle food waste and hunger better with more hands joined and so even a small contribution of Rs.50 from your would help us in feeding 50 needy people and helps to reduce two major problems together. 


Millions of children and people are in need of good nutritious food and they need your whole hearted support !


Take part in this noble mission by donating and supporting to No Food Waste!

Let's Feed the Needy and Not Landfills!!


Bank Name: Yes Bank
Account number: 2223330080437080
Account name: No Food Waste

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Update 5      4 weeks ago :

"Share Food, Save Life"

No Food Waste Chapters have saved 33290 plates of food in May month from ending im dustbins. .😊

9.46 Lakh needy people have been served and saved from hunger since commencement. .😊

Support No Food Waste,
90877 90877

Update 4      1 month ago :

Share Food Spread Love❤️*

Saved 33875 plates of edible food from ending in dustbins in April'19

Overall, 9.12+ Lakhs plates of food saved & served to needy communities. .😊

Join hands with No Food Waste to end hunger and food wastage !!

90877 90877

Update 3      3 months ago :

One in Nine people across the World do not have enough food for life ! Let's not waste what we have and start sharing. .!! We have served 31,622 plates of surplus food in March 2019 and so far 8.78 lakh plates of food saved and served to needy communities. .!! Join the mission with No Food Waste to eliminate food waste and hunger. .!! 90877 90877

Update 2      4 months ago :

No Food Waste won the Common Wealth Youth Award 2019 for Asia Region. Mr.Padmanaban Gopalan, Founder of No Food Waste has received the award and certificate from Ms.Patricia Scotland, Secretary General of Common Wealth. We were selected among 500 applications across the Commonwealth countries and won the award for Asia region. This is the biggest recognition for our work towards achieving the UN's Sustainable Development Goal (SDG-02) of Zero Hunger with No Food Waste by feeding the needy people. Special thanks to all the donors and supporters for making this happen. Please continuously support us to take this project to more International platforms so that a stronger community can be build with more responsibility towards food and resources. தனி ஒரு மனிதனுக்கு உணவில்லை எனில் இந்த ஜகத்தினை அழித்திடுவோம். .!!

Update 1      5 months ago :

"2710 plates of surplus food served to needy in three days" No Food Waste Trichy Chapter has collected 2710 plates of surplus food from various functions and weddings and served to needy people in various hunger spots. .😊 Follow our social media pages for regular updates,

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