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Support No Dumping to Create Clean Coimbatore

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No Dumping is working towards "Cities without Dumpsites".  The project has been launched in Coimbatore and has been working towards the goal since 2016 January.  

To achieve our vision, we need to give logistics services to communities, who are segregating their domestic waste responsibly,  to help transport their waste for scientific disposal. To economise the transportation, we are in need of a "Tipper vehicle" to transport wet waste.  This campaign has been launched to solicit support from like-minded people who are environmentally conscious.

Your support is invaluable to us to take our mission forward and realizing our dream of a Clean Coimbatore.
No Dumping - My Waste My Responsibility is a joint initiative in Coimbatore City, by Young Entrepreneurs and Coimbatore City Municipal Corporation under Swachh Bharat Mission to spread awareness about waste segregation and undertake domestic solid waste management amongst communities. Our vision of Cities without Dumpsites is to be achieved by educating people and making them follow the concept of "My Waste My Responsibility" and thereby reduce the load on municipal solid waste landfills. 

No Dumping IS My waste My responsibility 
No Dumping FOR cities without dumpsites 
No Dumping WITH 4 principles 
No Dumping THROUGH Triple C(Corporate, Corporation, and Community) 
How it Works: 
➢ Building the abilities and strengthening the skills of the staff involved with improved SWM expertise. 
➢ Integrating and aligning the efforts of the unorganized waste collection system, through constructive engagement of knowledge, and training to the communities. 
➢ Enabling an ecosystem of stakeholder participation and contribution. Four Working Principles: 
➢ Keeping the unhygienic sanitary biowaste (wrapped in newspaper and marked with a red color), separately. 
➢ Keeping the inorganic waste in a dry condition in order to avoid odor and fly menace. Broken bottles must be wrapped in newspapers. All food packages should be rinsed and dried. 
➢ Organic waste shall be kept in the container provided, without using bin liners. 
➢ Keep all above three streams of waste separately and hand it over daily

Waste Collection & Management: 
1) Housekeeping staff of the community, do collection of the waste in bins and bags, as per the procedure prescribed by No Dumping, using the customised pushcarts having provision for wet, dry and sanitary wastes, separately. The collected waste is placed at the designated pickup point, from where, No Dumping logistics picks up. Separate vehicles for wet and dry waste visit the community at the appointed time, daily, and community staff load the waste bins and bags onto the vehicle. The waste is transported to the respective scientific processing and disposal facilities. The costs of collection and transportation is borne by the communities. 
2) NGOs, organized communities, residential associations facilitate this initiative in their localities. 
3) Farmers consume the raw organic waste for their agriculture purposes through composting. 
4) Recycling & Reprocessing industries consume the recyclables as raw material to produce new products. 
5) Inorganic non-recyclable combustible is disposed at Cement Plants as Alternate Fuel, through Co-incineration. 
6) The urban local body extends its support to this new ecosystem to achieve the goals of Swachh Bharat Mission.

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Update 1      1 month ago :

Dear Supporters, 

As we were not able to raise enough funds to purchase the vehicle, we are not going ahead with this funding process.  We are refunding the amount contributed by you, through the same channel through which you had sent us.  We thank each of you for the support extended and in supporting our cause.  Looking forward to your continuous  support.

For Read below instruction :

USD Donors: Amount will automatically credit to your account. we will initate the transfer today. Hope it will credit within 7 working days.

INR Donors: Kindly Share your Account details to initiate the transfer. 


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