Nutrition Food for HIV/AIDS Positive Children


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Nutrition Food for HIV/AIDS Positive Children

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This project is for providing high value and fresh nutritious food, counseling & guidance and regular health check up for 75 HIV/AIDS infected children in and around Madurai District in Tamil Nadu state, India. The nutritious food contains Carbohydrates, Fats, Proteins, Vitamins, and Minerals for daily diet to the target children and also the project has to provide counseling and guidance for their prospects and future career


World Health Organization report says that HIV/AIDS infected Children who are undergoing ART treatment need high value and fresh nutrition food for avoiding other infections such as Tuberculosis, Diarrhea , Jaundice, Ulcer, mums etc. infection and malnutrition due to heavy dose treatment and drugs reducing their appetite. The target children's homes are dysfunctional families owing to several psycho-social pressures including poverty and unable to provide nutritious food for their children


The nutritious food we provide to make a proven change to the health of the target children. The children enjoy a return to health, including returning to school and enjoy longer periods of health as compared to other children not receiving the nutrition support. Provided along with ART medication the children are able to respond to the medication while children still malnourished do not have the strength to respond to the aggressive medication.

Nutrition Food for HIV/AIDS infected Children BUDGET Cost of Horlicks 500 Grams Rs. 210 Cost of Dhal 1Kg Rs. 89 Cost of Dry Date fruits 500 Grams Rs. 90 Cost of Cashew nut 100 Grams Rs. 98 Transport Charges Rs. 13 Total Amount per Child per Month is Rs. 500 TOTAL AMOUNT FOR HUNDRED CHILDREN PER MONTH IS RS 50000/- With warm regards, Er.P Pandiaraju M.E., Director Grace Peter Charitable Trust, Madurai

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