Please save my friend Vignesh life


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Please save my friend Vignesh life

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Hello friends! We all know friend is the one who cares you, like mother and pampers you like father. Now it is my turn as a friend to care and pamper my injured friend. His name is Vignesh. He was doing his B.A. English in Bishop Heber College.

One fine evening, we were gone for one of our friends’ birthday party. The party had been taken above 2 O’ clock to endWhen us returning back to our home in bike at 2.30 am, there was a car rushed into the road have clashed with my friend Vignesh’s bike. He fell down and got severely injured in the head. He was bleeding on the road, no one was with usWith so much of confusion and hesitation, finally we took him to “SRI RAMYA HOSPITAL” in Tiruchirapalli. 

After a few more hours doctor confirmed that there are so much of blood loss and he also skull got damaged. More than that, his right side of his skull was completely dismantled. We almost lost our hope. Doctor rushed us for immediate operation; So that we can at least save his life temporarily. Vignesh’s first operation was God’s grace. And now we are in need to save his life permanently. Still, he is in critical stage. He cannot even speak, eat or do any other activities like a normal man can do. 

For his second operation, it almost cost 4 to 5 lakh. The sum of money is very big thing for them because, belongs to weak family background.  His parents’ only expectation was to provide him a good education so that he can live a healthy standard of life. But now he is in such a state where their parents not even have the power to see him like this. The economic status of Vignesh’s family is limited.   His father Ramaraju is a painter and his income is not that much sufficient to maintain their daily basis. His mother is a house wife. And he has a brother whose study also under the bank cashing. Beyond our willingness, we tried everywhere for money to save his life. We don’t have any expectation rather than to keep him alive.


Dear friends, his life mean a lot to me and his family! Doctor said, only another operation can save his life. I request every kind hearted people to help him by bringing back his life through the operation by your funds. “I believe nothing is more grateful than benevolence”


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Update 1      1 year ago :

Dear All,

Thank you for every Contribute great support for saving Vignesh life. He will be better soon. 

Once again thank you for your great support and donations. I have enclosed the overall bill statement as per the hospital gave.

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