6 Month Premature Baby Need a urgent Heart Surgery Need Support!


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6 Month Premature Baby Need a urgent Heart Surgery Need Support!

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Note: This baby need urgent Money for operation.

We were struggling to have baby for past few years. When my relatives told it could be treated I was joyful and when the treatment started working I was very excited to see my baby.After delivery I saw him only for few seconds, since then my baby is in ICU and kept in incubator" - Mother Murugeswari

kumar and Murugeswari was happy when they knew they were having a baby but their happiness crushed when they had a premature baby boy at 24 weeks. Their baby boy was born with a hole in the heart with respiratory problems and also had very low weight (760 grams)

“I never thought that our baby boy will go through such a pain struggling for his life. I saw my boy in high frequency ventilator after few minutes of his birth. He is born with so many defects and I am scared to see what a 24 weeks baby is going through.”  - Father Kumar

 “We come from agricultural background but due to insufficient water we stopped agriculture and started working for daily wages. We have spent all our savings and even pledged our land for my wife's treatment. Now we have nothing left and we are struggling to save our baby" - Father kumar

Now, its been 2 weeks since the delivery the baby is still in the ventilator and doctors are treating the hole in the heart which is troubling baby's breathing. So far the baby is responding well. The doctors and their parents are positive about their recovery, but their medical bills are only piling up

The baby need to stay in the ICU and continue with the treatment for two more montsh to recover completely, but Ramu and Malarkodi can't afford to continue treatment any more. The treatment estimate would cost around 3 lakhs but the couple has already spent more than a lakh by borrowing loans

Help them to save their baby from heart problem. 

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