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Help to Reconstruct the School Building

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Aruchalanar Primary school is located in a small Village called Podianoor in the state of Tamil Nadu in South India. This school was established in the year 1957 and has been providing free primary education close to 60 years. This school educates around 150 students supported by five teachers. This school serves four villages in that neighborhood.

1) Podianoor ( Main Village)

2) Paruthivilai ( 2 KM )

3) Arunthathiar Puram ( 1.5 KM)

4) Puthur ( 0.5 KM)

Five teacher’s salary are paid by the local state Government and all other expenses are managed locally by the teachers and through local contributions. The school is operating out of a very old building that was built in way back in 1957 and the condition of the building needs immediate attention considering the safely of the children.

Project Scope:

Estimated cost of the project is around 17 Lakhs Indian Rupee.

There is also an aspiration to set up a Small Solar power unit (Not exceeding INR 50,000) to meet the basic electricity requirement of the School.

One donor has come forward to donate 50% of the project cost and rest of funds have to be generated through various charity activities.

So far 12 lakhs has been raised and an estimate of 5 lakhs is required to complete the project.

Project Timeline:

Depends on the financial situation and the ability to mobilize the required funds, the indent to start the construction activities in the first week of June 2018 with the plan to complete in 4 months’ time.

Even a small contribution of you count a lot!

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Update 1      2 years ago :

Dear all,

Thank you for the wonderful support you have shown towards the campaign. As of now school reconstruction is going on and will be finished in a month. Check the photos for further reference. 

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