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Sacred Temple Tank Cleaning

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Scared Temple Tank Cleaning:

Sri Bakthavatsala Temple located at Thirunindravur is a Hindu Temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu. 

As most of you are aware,  Hindu Temples have one or more scared tanks where religious customs/ rituals are performed.
Also the fact that tanks help to recharge groundwater once the monsoon sets in. 

The tank in Sri Bakthavatsala Temple is contaminated with garbage, plastic bags and silt. Residents and volunteers have come together to clean the tank. 

As you will see in the pictures cleaning is in progress and members involved in this activity have managed to remove almost 70-80% of the garbage.  

About 10 lorries and JCB vehicles are used for the cleaning process. Manpower needs are met though residents and volunteers. However, INR 50,000/- (estimated cost) is required to to fuel the vehicles (Diesel), pay drivers (who operate the vehicles) and purchase a few materials.  

We humbly request people to please contribute as much as they could so that the Temple Tank is purified and maintained well. 

Every rupee counts...

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