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Fund Raising For Kids Heart Surgery

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We have identified 5 underprivileged kids from Tamil Nadu, who are immediately in need of heart surgery as they are suffering blocks in the heart which gives breathing trouble for the kids and when they grow up with this, complications will be high.

Baby Mugish lives in Tirunelveli. His parents are working for daily wages and due to insufficient funds they kept postponing the kids surgery

Baby Deborha is from Chennai. Her father works as lab attender in a private concern and they recently diagnosed that their baby has to undergo heart surgery

Baby Mumthaz lives in Tirunelveli. Her parents age working for daily wages and due family financial crisis they didn't have enough money for the kids surgery

Baby Pavithra is from Ashok Nagar chennai. Her father is a fisherman and they recently diagnosed that Pavithra needs to undergo heart surgery

Baby Sanju is from Nizamabad, Telangana. Her parents come from low socio income family and they don't have enough money for the kids surgery

Surgeries are going to performed in Public Health Center -  A Wing of Public Health and Welfare Society, Chennai and surgery cost and post medication expense for one kid is 1 Lakh. Even a small contribution from you will help to save these kids life.  


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Update 1      8 months ago :

Thanks to all People Contributing to save kids! We sailed a mile and yet have miles to go before we sleep! One child’s surgery expenses have been met.. thank you! but we have 4 more kids who live with the large hope that we will light up their future. Anbe Sivam!! Please send in your valuable contributions (no amount is too small) by clicking on this links here

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