Help to save 10 year old Anish who met with accident in Kerala


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Help to save 10 year old Anish who met with accident in Kerala

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Dear Friends, 

He met an accident at Kerala. He is still in danger and he is under a ventilator, we need some money for the operation. Their family cannot afford it. Please help and do the needful. Please pray for him. 

 Hi friends, Actually my colleagues went to Kerala for a trip. During jeep safari, one jeep tripped from the mountain on 7/09/19. 8 people in jeep got a severe injury. In that one a small 10 years old child had got sever injury. He has been diagnosed with a blood clot in the brain and fracture in the frontal bone and crushed more bone in face. Now he is in ventilator. He doesn't show any improvement or response we need more amount for his surgery. Their family cannot afford that kind of money for the operation. We friends are gathering together and collecting more money. We already have collected and paid 3 lakhs for blood clot removal. But we need more money nearly 5lakh for his face surgery.  So please please please please try to help us...Its very emergency so please contribute. Still he is in critical situation

Patient Name: Hanish.M

Age: 10

Accident spot: Vagamon, Kerala

Ailment: Head injury

Hospital name:Caritas hospital, kottayam, Kerala

Bank Name: RBL Bank
Account number: 2223330056912659
Account name: Nandhinipriya.M

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