My Son Is Turning Blue, His Heart Is Killing Him. Save Him


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My Son Is Turning Blue, His Heart Is Killing Him. Save Him

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  • 26 Dec 2018

    Dear All, Last Friday, baby Diwakar was admitted at hospital and on Monday he underwent a successful surgery and now he is fine but a little trouble in breathing, which doctors told he will be fine in couple of days. Doctors also advised that the baby should be given with proper medication and attend regular health checkup for couple months. Thank you for all your generous contribution.


Little Diwakar gave immense joy to his parents the moment he came into the world but minutes after his birth doctors told that the little one has problem with liver and heart. After a couple of weeks treatment at government hospital the doctors said that his liver is normal but he has heart problem, where his heart pumps oxygen poor blood to lungs instead of pumping oxygen rich blood and also very less blood flows into lungs as heart valve cannot open wide to carry enough blood (DORV/TGA, VSD, Pulmonary Stenosis)

But the doctors advised Karthik (father) to visit for regular checkup once in three months. As Karthick followed the procedure the baby started falling sick frequently and also turned blue sometimes, fearing Karthick and Sindhu(mother) took their little one to the medical camp organized by MIOT, where the doctors suggested that the little one should undergo Biventricular repair (Rastelli/ Root Trans-location procedure/ Univentricular repair) surgery at the earliest to avoid unwanted complications.

The surgery alone costs Rs. 3,60,000 and with all post medication and medicines the couple need Rs. 4,00,000 to save their 1.5 years old son. Father Karthik is working in agricultural lands for daily wages as weed puller and earns Rs.100-200/day and which is not regular income.

Karthik and Sindhu says that they are unfortunate situation even to save their own son. " Even if we has own house or agricultural land we would have sold them for Diwakar's surgery but unfortunately we don't own anything and we don't know what to do save him " - Karthick and Sindhu

My son has been in and out of the hospital for 1.5 years now. Every day I just pray that my son gets cured so that I keep him safe and let him play like other kids. He is unable even crawl/walk and cries due to discomfort and breathing trouble " - Father Karthick

The couple has no other source to collect money to afford for their son's medical expense and hence requests all to save their son. Generously contribute to save 1.5 years old Diwakar. 

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