Save My Son Harshan From Rare Blood Disease


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Save My Son Harshan From Rare Blood Disease

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  • 08 Mar 2019

    Harshan No More! Harshan passed Way yesterday. After completed the second surgery there is no improvement in Harshan health. White Blood cells not produced enough to save his life. Pls Pray for his family. Funds we have raised Utilized for pay final Hospital bill and remaining will handover to the parents. Thanks to for all your donation RIp Harshan!


This 10-year-old Harshan is suffering from Fanconi Anemia,  that mainly affects the bone marrow. It results in decreased production of all types of blood cells. There is a high risk for cancer if the condition proceeds and left untreated. Harshan urgently needs immediate bone marrow transplant without which its hard for him to survive.

It was ten months back when Harshan parents started noticing that even a small wound will bleed more blood and it will take lot of time to clot and one day Harshan gums bleeded for a long time with no reason and that is when his parents got worried and rushed him to the hospital.  All the way, he was little unconscious. 

"After tests, doctors told us that his blood count was very less. My husband and I immediately admitted him in the hospital and she underwent a blood transfusion. But after frequent tests, doctors confirmed that my boy is suffering from rare blood disease which reduces production of blood cell.  Every minute waiting for test reports felt like hell, praying that my son should be alright. I and my husband held each other's hands and prayed all the time"  - Mother Rathika

"It is unbearable to see how my son cries out loudly in pain whenever they put a needle in him. Despite all the pain that he is going through, he keeps smiling and hugs his father whenever he enters the room. With great difficulty, we have managed to begin the treatment but we have nothing left to continue it" -  Mother Rathika

From the month of April Harshan is undergoing blood transfusion every week and even then his blood counts would go down and each transfusion would cost Rs. 5000 and his parents struggled a lot to afford the as Harshan's father Senthil Kumar depends on income from agriculture which is completely hard to find profit and he is already in debit due to agricultural loans. Mother Rathika is working in a cotton mill which will pay her Rs. 200 per day. As the family took a huge loan for tests and the initial round of treatment for their son and is unable to continue it. Now the family is neck-deep in debt.

Family needs more than Rs. 10,00,000 for bone marrow transplant and they are waiting hoping that they would get help to save their son. 

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